Last updated February 15, 2014.

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This Terms of Service is an agreement between you the "user" and "us" (the people operating this website and the people involved in La Godiva Music Entertainment and Renova Music). The agreement concerns the user's use of this website and its content (e.g. images, news and the contact information provided).

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  • Official use: If you wish to to use any material under good pretences that can promote or at least not cause any harm to the business of La Godiva Music Entertainment, please contact us and we would help out providing you with the material needed. The definition of "official use" in this context is anything that is visible in public (media, press, posters, flyers, TV, websites, etc.) with the exception of personal blogging sites and personal accounts that may upload content in public (Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc).
  • PersonaI use only: In order to be able to use or distribute any content on this website for personal use only, there is no need to contact La Godiva Music Entertainment for an offical consent. If your intention for using the material does not apply to any category listed below, you may use it on your personal blogging website or your personal account of any social media (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • The content (images and information) cannot be used in a way that is:
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  • (e) plagiarism.

NOTE: The content on this website is AS OF NOW legally considered to be "Public Domain" and no legal charges can be put against a distributor. 

Rules of Conduct: This agreement also includes some moral rules that must be respected and obeyed when using the site. Any use of a virus, worm, spyware or any other harmful code or file is a violation to the agreement. This also holds for any illegal activity and hacking and sending spam emails.

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